Studio Martin Finio


Fall 2012

Human artifice and the making of the built environment depend on the partial domestication of nature. The concealment of infrastructure and processes of making, however, often render this act invisible. Experimental hydroponic gardens allow visitors to circulate both among and below plants and trees. Exposed roots and brutal hydroponic containers remind us of the brutality (and facility) with which we exploit the natural world. The hope is to forcefully reframe our relationship to the non-human other.


This project calls attention to two alternative conceptions of the universe:

One, an image of the man-made as a means of perpetual expansion. Nothing exceeds the potential of our rapidly advancing technologies. No mystery is permanent; the unknown is simply entertainment while it lasts. The man-made encapsulates, apprehends, lays claim to all.

The second, the inverse: an image of the man-made as a capsule, containing only ourselves. The Earth, the forest, the universe, carry human civilization within them, holding the perpetual opportunity to step beyond what is known, if only we are willing to look beyond the man-made.